Primate Ayodele has warned Nyesom Wike to drop his ambition to become the next president of Nigeria.

The leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Ayodele stated this in a press statement made available to AllNews Nigeria on Tuesday.

Recall Nyesom Wike who is the current governor of Rivers state few weeks ago declared his intention to contest for President of Nigeria in the 2023 elections.

Reacting to the Wike’s declaration, Primate Ayodele said Wike cannot become Nigeria’s next president and that he should pursue a vice president slot instead.

Primate Ayodele adviced the Wike not to waste his money and energy on the presidential ambition rather, he should support a presidential candidate that he can deputize in the people democratic party.

The clergy said, ‘’Governor Wike cannot become the president of Nigeria, he should pursue a vice president slot, he should not waste money and energy rather, he should support a presidential candidate that he can deputize.’’

Primate Ayodele also warned the governor not to shoot himself on the leg because of his aspirations, while making it known that all power belongs to God. He explained that God has a better future for the governor but if he isn’t careful, he will become a hindrance for God’s plans to be fulfilled.

‘’ Try not to shoot yourself on the leg because of what you want to become in the PDP, take it easy, all power belongs to God, only Him can give you power, God has a better future for you but don’t hinder yourself.’’

‘’ I’m not saying you should take my words, that’s what God has revealed to me, you need to get into the system so you won’t be a forgotten entity but not through the presidency. God will help you, He has promised you but don’t be the reason for those promises not to be kept, seek God’s face more.’’

Furthermore , Primate Ayodele noted that Wike should seek the face of God in choosing the next governor of the state, revealing that he is around him but if care isn’t taken, he will choose someone who will become his enemy.

‘’The next governor of Rivers state is around you, don’t pick wrong person who will become your enemy, seek the face of God in everything you are doing, try to harmonize, bring everyone together in order to retain the state.’’

‘’If you don’t do the right thing, those you depend on will betray you, work in accordance with your party’’


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