Controversial singer Portable Omolalomi took performing to another level during a recent show.

In a video spotted online, the ‘Zazu Zeh’ hitmaker was seen rolling on the floor as if he was having a seizure.

As disturbing as the performance was, fans surrounded and applauded him.

Ever since the singer came into the limelight in December 2021 after featuring rapper Olamide and Instagram dancer Poco Lee on his hit track ‘Zazu Zeh’, he has been nothing short of controversial in an almost comical way.

Back in December 2021, he accused Instagram dancer Poco Lee of ripping him off by offering him $600 out of the $3000 Wizkid sprayed him on stage. 

He also accused the dancer of trying to claim credit for his song ‘Zazu Zeh’ which featured him (Poco Lee) and rapper Olamide by putting his (Poco Lee) name first in the arrangement of the song instead of his (Portable) who is the owner.

Reacting to the call out, Kogbagidi, who was Portable’s manager at the time, kicked out Portable from his house.

After a lot of pleading by celebrities and Portable himself, Kogbagidi forgave him and took him back.


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