A POS attendant, Ashiru Dupe Adedayo, has absconded with N140,000 five hours after being employed, Pendulum Nigeria reports.

Ashiru committed the crime at the Fagba, Iju Station in Ifako – Ijaiye Local Government of Lagos State.

Narrating how it happened, Oladunni, the employer, said Ashiru resumed duty on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, around 9 am, and by 3:30pm, she had absconded with her money and the POS machine.

She said. “I was at my shop when this lady walked up to me on Sunday. There is a POS stand not far from mine that has an advert for an attendant. It was what she saw and decided to make enquiries with me since the stand was locked. I told her that they are having issues with their terminals, but I said that she could still call the number on the banner and find out.

“However, I have three POS machines and planned on employing someone because sales have dropped at my end. I explained this to her and she said she would be willing to work. I interviewed her and asked if she had worked at any POS stand before and she said yes. I told her to come on Monday with a CV and a guarantor before she could start work, and she left.

“On Monday, I didn’t see her and I didn’t bother. However, on Tuesday, she came with the CV as requested and a pasport photograph of the guarantor. I told her she couldn’t start work until the guarantor signs. So, she placed a call to the guarantor and I spoke with him. He said that he was already at work, but he would branch and sign the documents on his way coming in the evening.

“So, I went with her to secure a place for the POS stand and she said since she was here already, I should not let her waste the day by sending her home since her guarantor will come in the evening. That was how she started working around 10am. I gave her my Opay POS with N40,000 in the account and an additional N100,000 in cash incase of withdrawals, then I went back to my shop. I kept checking on her and monitoring the transactions from my Opay app.

“Around past 3pm, I noticed she did a transaction of N22,000 to one FCMB account. So I checked the name, it was her name on the FCMB account. That action made me call her but she didn’t pick. I called a few other times and still, she didn’t pick.

“Two minutes later, I checked my app and she had sent a recharge card of N500 to a phone number. I checked the phone number and it was that of her guarantor. It was at that point I knew something was up. I immediately when over to where I left her (The new POS stand we got in the morning) but she wasn’t there. I asked those around and was told she said she wanted to go and play lotto. I knew she had absconded with my money. I wanted to run mad.

“I kept calling the number and it was switched off. I took some people and went to the address on her CV; it turned out to be fake.”

Oladunni said she had reported the matter to her bank, OPay and will take other steps within the law to recover her stolen money and POS machine.


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