Nigeria’s foremost innovative bank, Wema Bank has officially launched its training institute, called Purple Academy.

Purple Academy, with full accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN), has a mix of physical and digital learning programmes aimed at tackling the dearth of skilled professionals in the banking sector.

Oluwaferanmi Owolabi, Head of Purple Academy, while speaking at the official launch said: “This academy is a demonstration of our rich, inclusive and innovative portfolio and we have an unfailing ability to equip a diverse workforce with skills for the future of work”.

The academy, which has been built as a corporate university, is adaptable, inclusive and data driven and has been structured into five key schools.

“We have five key schools. They are culture school, bankers in training school, business school, management school and our leadership school.

“These have been structured to cater to the ever changing needs of our diverse workforce and to offer structured and flexible interventions that offer all employees the opportunity to chart their own choice and define their career journeys.

“For instance, the business and executive education has been designed to impact as the academy is exploring new experiences and diverse perspectives that translate to the significant return to the investment of the business.

“Our re-accreditation of the academy by the Chartered institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) has validated our competence as a brand to deliver best in class learning that translates to result.

“Also our partnership with the Frankfurt School of Business is a clear indication of a terrain to provide realistic multi purpose learning for the service of the business. This is to reinforce our commitment to consistently deliver excellent results through people”.

While officially launching the academy, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the bank, Ademola Adebisi, said the academy was meant to address diverse needs and challenges of the banking sector.

He said: “Supply chain challenges are affecting all industries from commodities to even technology. The pace of technological disruptions is not slowing down and Nigeria is a very good example. We all see what is happening in the Fintech space. A lot of Fintechs are coming into banking space and in banking in particular.

“They are increasing complexity in the regulatory landscape and that further exacerbates the conditions already”.

He said the academy is well equipped to render the needed training which are now anchored on technology.


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