Brigham young university forward and Nigeria basketball player Gideon George has said his family have been fortunate enough to travel the world because of the game of basketball.

He added that they were blessed to receive thousands of shoes, clothes, bags, basketballs and send to underprivileged players and athletes in Nigeria. Which have helped some of the players and athletes train well and prepare them for opportunities outside the country.

Gideon added that the goal of The George Helping Hands Foundation is to serve underprivileged communities with players and athletes who want to succeed but don’t have the capacity to reach their targeted goals and aspirations,he said it will change the future of people positively and prepare them for the task ahead.

The NBA bound player said the foundation will not only strive to help communities in Nigeria, but also in the U.S in all facet of life, ranging from finances, career, personal development, health, etc.


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