For successful policing, the Commissioner of Police (CP) in Lagos State, Abiodun Alabi has revealed his seven-point agenda for the state and Nigeria at large.

CP Abiodun Alabi while addressing journalists on Tuesday, February 1, 2022, further expressed his plans to achieve this through better partnerships with journalists, others.

Speaking on his seven-point agenda, Alabi stressed the importance of holding regular parleys with journalists where perception and other misconceptions will be tabled and addressed in an amicable manner.

His seven point agenda include;

  • Visibility policing and control of security space
  • Respect for fundamental human rights 
  • Police officers conduct in accordance with Police professional principles
  • Confidence building and trust in members of the public through intelligence-led community policing
  • Collaboration with the 4th Estate of the realm (media)
  • Public accessibility and feedback
  • Crime trends and patterns monitoring

CP Alabi also stressed the necessity of a Police-Journalists cordial relationship for information sharing and management saying he will be available to respond to issues at all times.

Alabi described Lagos State as a familiar terrain, having served in different capacities in the State for many years.

The commissioner promised to restore officers’ zeal to improve sanity and peace to the cosmopolitan city, adding that the crime rate can continue to reduce tremendously with the help of credible media support in the state.


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