Hushpuppi death, is Hushpuppi dead? The truth can be accessed here.

Pendulum Nigeria reports that news emerged a few hours ago in the Nigerian media, suggesting that internet fraudster, Ramon Abass popularly known as Hushpuppi is dead.

This online news platform understands that Hushpuppi death news emerged on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, after a Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo made a tweet that was misinterpreted to suggest that Hushpuppi who pleaded guilty and will be sentenced to a jail term of 20 years, is dead.

Who is Hushpuppi?

Pendulum Nigeria recalls that Hushpuppi an Instagram sensation, became more famous when the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), released detailed documents explaining how Supercop, Abba Kyari was working for Hushpuppi.

According to the documents released by the FBI, Newsone reports that while the investigation was going on, it was discovered that DCP Abba Kyari had a relationship with Hushpuppi which went on till the latter was arrested. The documents revealed that while an investigation was going on, Hushpuppi reportedly took Kyari on an all-expensed paid trip to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a presidential treatment from the moment he landed at the airport.

Hushpuppi Death: Is Hushpuppi Dead? What We Know

Hushpuppi dead or alive as well as is Hushpuppi dead? Are the trending searches in the Nigerian cyperspace begging for answers as at the time of filing this report

There is no report of Hushpuppi’s death, neither did Kemi Olunloyo tweet that Hushpuppi is dead, but the controversial journalist only tweeted: “Your boy is dead oo… They won’t announce yet”, which had since gone viral with some new platforms (NewsOne Nigeria not inclusive) quoting the phamarcist to have claimed that Hushpuppi is dead.

This tweet did not mention the name of the boy Kemi claimed was dead and his death was yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, Pendulum Nigeria reports that as at the time of filing this report, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), who released detailed documents explaining how Supercop, Abba Kyari was working for Hushpuppi, was yet to issue a statement regarding Hushpuppi death, neither did the Dubai police who arrested in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) released a report.

Kemi Olunloyo Denies Announcing Hushpuppi Is Dead

Kemi Olunloyo has debunked news in some quarters quoting her to have confirmed that Hushpuppi is dead, calling on her followers to avoid blogs that reported the fake news.

“Kemi Olunloyo did not announce that Hushpuppi is DEAD in the US. Stop spreading #Fakenews. Avoid those blogs,” Olunloyo tweeted 11: 04 pm Nigerian time, Wednesday 23, 2022.


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