Hotcoal Basketball will be the first team in the history of Nigeria to sign a one year health insurance deal with pro health HMO limited.

The deal will see the male basketball team being provided with health insurance for a year, which means they can access health facilities of their choice.

Speaking to the proprietor of Hotcoal Basketball Team, Ubon Udoh in Abuja, called on Nigeria Basketball Federation NBBF to make the game a brand that will help foster and encourage corporate organization to sponsor all categories of competition in the country.

“Basketball needs to be a brand that will be attractive,that is what we should focus on, once we have a good brand this companies and corporate bodies will come looking for you”

Ubon added that grassroots development program must encompass leadership skills, education, sports, mental health etc. So as to prepare them for the future and unforeseen circumstances like injuries, retirement etc.

However, he urged all basketball players in the country to stay focus on what is best for them to develop the game like getting insured, get paid, and make sure there is minimum wage for all players in different categories.

The proprietor of Hotcoal Basketball said there is plan to support Clinic for referees, table officials and coaches, Basketball camps for kids, and age grade tournaments within the region.


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